Cosmetic Dentistry

Treatment of traditional cavities with beautiful, natural and durable restorative materials that will help you smile with confidence.  Unhappy with your past dental work?  Come in for a consult with one of our qualified cosmetic doctors for a second opinion and see what we have to offer.  Receive a personalized treatment plan with several options.  No pressure. No commitment. That's our office model.
Check out our new patient gallery of smiles courtesy of Dr. John Siu.

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It's subtle, but we designed this dental office for everyone in mind!  Not only do we treat adults, but we cater to kids too!  Our providers don't bite and enjoy working with children.  We understand that children need the extra time and compassion for a healthy dental experience.  Make an appointment today with one of our experienced providers and feel the difference.  It's not recommended for everyone, but just know that laughing gas, I.V. & "conscious" sedation dentistry is available.

Kids Dentist

Visiting the Dentist for kids should not be scary.  Kids are greeted with a fun playroom, treamtent rooms playing cartoons and a friendly staff. 

We offer several safe sedation options if necessary including laughing gas.

​Experience the difference with a seasoned staff.

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Need braces, but think you're too old or it's too expensive?  We offer both traditional braces and invisalign to meet your needs.  We accept most major PPO insurances so why not let us help you straighten this out for you.  Also, FYI we offer several affordable payment plans.

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General Dentistry

Root Canals. Large cavities or broken teeth can cause serious infections of the head and neck.  Restorable teeth can be saved with root canals.  Experience a modern root canal procedure with one of our experienced doctors. Sedation is avaialble. 

Dentures & Repairs.  Bring us pictures of your smile! Our doctors will work with you to give you a smile that you can call your own - again! We understand that a dental appliance is a big investment so let us spend the time to make it right with you.  Inquire about how dental implants can improve a new or existing denture.  You'll be surprised how it will change your quality of life.

Gum Disease Management. Previously diagnosed or think that you may have gum disease? Frequent bleeding from the gums is not normal and needs to be looked at closely by a dentist.  Experiencing looseness of teeth, discoloration or swelling of the gums and apperance of longer teeth are also common signs that you may have periodontal disease.  Did you know that severe periodontal disease most often times does not hurt but will result in tooth lost?  Evaluations of your periodontal health is free with every comprehensive exam.

Implant Dentistry. Tooth loss is a common problem and it can happen as a result of trauma or disease.  Did you know that you may be able to use dental implants to hold your dentures in place? Or, that dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth? Inquire about our state of the art surgical suite and recovery room.  Let our experienced team design an affordable and practical plan for you. Sedation is available.

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