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Restoring damaged teeth is one of the best decisions for oral health. Eating is easier, you reduce your risk of future tooth loss and damage, and you always feel confident about showing your smile to others. Dr. Siu is prepared to restore your smile to the fullest. Restoring teeth has never been easier, thanks to comprehensive restorative dentistry in Katy, TX! Call our dental office to get started today!

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Katy, Texas Tooth-Colored Fillings

Is your smile filled with silver (amalgam) fillings that feel uncomfortable and look noticeable in your smile? Instead of settling for a gray sheen in your teeth or fillings that make your teeth feel sensitive, consider tooth-colored fillings instead. These fillings use composite resin to restore teeth, making them metal-free. They only take one appointment in Katy to place, require little to no removal of tooth structure to do so, and blend in perfectly with your existing teeth!

Dental Crowns In Katy

When a tooth is too damaged to restore with a dental filling, an all-ceramic dental crown can effectively restore and seal your tooth away from bacteria. The office at The Dental People does not need to use metal materials to create crowns so that you can rest knowing your smile will look natural after it has been restored. Each crown is custom-made to fit over your damaged tooth exactly while still keeping your bite completely even.

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